Zucker Systems was created in 1982 to provide a unique combination of consulting services with specialization in the areas of organization, management, and process studies. Each of these functions is designed to interact with the others using the power of a synergistic systems approach. This approach is possible through the unusual varied background of Zucker Systems’ President, Paul C. Zucker, FAICP, the company staff, and a nationally recognized group of subconsultants and affiliate partners developed through the last 20 years. Central to the approach is a state of mind referred to as “creative dissatisfaction” i.e., there is always a better way and the consultant’s job is to find it.

To our knowledge, Zucker Systems is the only consulting firm in the United States that specializes in the analysis of planning, building and community development functions and related departments. Organization, management and process consultation is primarily completed for city and county governments.