Zucker Systems takes its lead from the Japanese word kaizen: “a constant search for a better way.” We continually search for a more effective and efficient way to do things. These better ways produce greater service to our clients, as well as helping to create better communities. We also have a commitment to share these better ways with others through our website, publications, seminars, and management data. We see ourselves as agents of change. We provide free organization and management advice through a monthly email to 2,500 planning and other governement staff. We also answer specific organization and management questions by Paul Zucker, FAICP, aka the Management Doctor.

We are dedicated to our clients. If there is a tradeoff between service and profit, we put service first. Our goal is to retain a relationship with each client forever, each and every time that client needs consulting services, and to have each client spread a good word to others about us.


We also have an obligation to our employees, to help them stretch and learn, to produce uncommon results from ordinary people, and to have fun doing it. It is only through excellent employees that we can provide our high level of customer service. We are fully committed to affirmative action.

We welcome the opportunity to have you join our family of satisfied clients.





Paul C. Zucker, FAICP