aka the Management Doctor
Zucker Systems, PresidentPaul Zucker

Mr. Zucker has 30 years of experience in public and private management and planning. As President of Zucker Systems since 1982, Mr. Zucker has completed numerous management consulting projects throughout the United States and Canada. He has consulted with more than 170 cities and counties in 31 states. His 86 non-government clients have included such diverse groups as private land developers, Holiday Inn, the Minneapolis Public School System, the American Planning Association, the California State Coastal Commission and private developers.

His management contracts have included comprehensive management and organizational studies, customer service training, process and systems analysis, work flow analysis, management training, retreat facilitation, conducting focus groups, and fee studies. He has served as personal management advisor to department heads and has managed entire departments on a contract basis. Three of his studies have received national attention including a business climate study of the City of San Jose, an organizational and management review of the San Diego Housing Commission-described by the City Manager as the best organizational study ever received by the City, and the ground breaking analysis of the City of Los Angeles Planning Department.

Mr. Zucker also developed a unique approach to peer review, which he has conducted for Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; Hillsborough County, Florida; and Louisville, Kentucky.

Prior to forming Zucker Systems, he was a department head for three major public agencies in Brookline, Massachusetts; Marin City, California; and Tucson, Arizona. He was also an Assistant County Administrative Officer for San Diego County.

As President of a private non-profit development company, Mr. Zucker headed a multi-discipline team with a focus on industrial and commercial development for low-income and minority residents. In this capacity, he created and managed five manufacturing plants. He also created a variety of non-profit social service corporations including a health clinic, legal aid office, and credit union. Mr. Zucker served as a visiting lecturer at the Universities of California at Irvine and Berkeley, California State Universities at Fresno and San Diego, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also taught planning commissioner practice and management skills for the American Institute of Certified Planners. He is author of The Management Idea Book, The ABZ’s of Planning Management, The ABZ’s of Planning Management Second Edition, Mis-Management, What Your Planning Professor Forgot to Tell You (also translated to Korean), Cats, Dogs & Friends at the Office, and Planning is Funny. He also has articles published in numerous national publications, and is lecturing throughout the country on management.

Mr. Zucker has taught a comprehensive 30-hour management course to over 700 top managers in 15 cities and counties, and has taught management short courses to over 10,000 executives throughout the United States and Canada.

Mr. Zucker was educated in architecture at the University of Nebraska where his thesis was chosen for the National Institute of Architectural Education competition. He received a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a Sears Fellow. He has completed post-graduate work in management at the Main Event Management Institute in Houston, Texas, and at the University of Phoenix.