ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I am hereby challenging all 2,500 of my emailers to take the ALS ice bucket challenge and for you to ask three of your friends to do the same. My 4 year old grandson started me off as you can see in the video. Send me your videos or photos and we will put together a montage for our emailers. I am starting things off with a $1,000 donation to ALS and will match everything you give up to another $1,000. Let me know your amounts and we will treat them confidentially.

ALS need’s your help to stamp out this terrible disease. Some of you know that my son Pete, passed away from ALS at the age of 47 last year. Some of you donated last time I asked and I thank you for that. We also lost my wife’s mother, the wife of a close friend and the husband of another friend, all to ALS.

When my son could still talk he described ALS to me like:

  • It is like growing old real fast
  • My body is like a space ship running out of fuel and I will die before I find fuel

Chose any of the following options to donate:

Thank you,

the Management Doctor (aka Paul Zucker)

Reader’s Email

FYI.  It worked great and it still catching on.

Ben Orsbon, FAICP
Office of the Secretary
South Dakota Department of Transportation

Secretary Darin Bergquist was challenged by Col. Craig Price and the Division Directors were challenged by Kate Lewedag in Operations Support.

Darin decided to have a little fun with this and challenged the offices to raise funds for ALS Research and the chance to dump the ice on the person of their choosing.

Raising the most money was Materials and Surfacing, represented by Molly Haines and Brock Antijunti, dumping water on Secretary Bergquist.

Second place went to the Secretariat/Legal office, represented by Kevin Tveidt and Karla Engle, dumping water on Joel Jundt, Director of Planning & Engineering.

Third place went to Operations Support, represented by Katie Lewedag and Stevie Underberg, dumping water on none other than their fearless leader Greg Fuller, Director of Operations.

There was a tie for fourth place going to Bridge Design and the Finance office, represented by Chris Ott and Diane Buchholz, dumping water on Kellie Beck, Director of Finance and Management.

Nearly $1,100 was raised in two days for this very worthy cause.

The Region Engineers (Jeff, John, Craig and Todd) have been challenged to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge now.

Thank you for your generous support of this cause and the many, many other charitable contributions, volunteer activities, and acts of kindness that are done by SDDOT employees across the state on a daily basis.