American Planning Association Chapter & Section Conference/Seminars

Nebraska APA Conference — 2012
Lincoln, Nebraska
Topic: Ten Skills Every Planning Director Must Have
Contact: Gordon Scholz, 402-472-9284

Florida APA Conference — September 15, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
Topic: The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors
Contact: Tony Robbins, 904-739-3655

Nebraska APA Conference — October 28, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
Topic: The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors – Short Course
Contact: Chad Nabity, 308-385-5240

North Carolina APA Conference — October 6, 2005
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Topic: Managing A Local Planning Agency
Topic: Key Note Address, Planning Exposed: How Planning Really Works
Contact: Micelle Nance, 704-854-6629

Michigan APA Conference — September 15, 2005
Mackinac Island, Michigan
Topic: The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors – Short Course
Topic: What Your College Professors Forgot to Tell You
Contact: Amy D. Miller Jordan, 734-913-2000

Missouri APA Conference — October 25, 2004
Kansas City, Missouri
Topic: The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors – Short Course
Contact: Hillary Perkins 314-335-4909

California – Inland Empire — February 9, 2004
Corona, California
Topic: The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors – Short Course
Contact: Charles Rangel 909-206-5773

Missiouri Chapter — September 10, 2003
Springfield, Missouri
The Complete Management Course for Planning Directors – Short Course
Contact: Ralph Rognstad 417-864-1035

California Chapter — October 8, 2002
San Diego, California
Managing for Results
Contact: Bob Leighter

Louisiana Chapter — October 5, 2001
Shreveport, Louisiana
Planning Exposed: The Full Monty of Planning
Contact: Sharon Swanson 318-221-1623

Florida Treasure Cove Section — May 1, 1998
West Palm Beach, Florida
Topic: Re-Inventing Planning
Contact: Diane Dominquez 561-243-7041

Minnesota State Planning Conference  — September 25-26, 1997
Rochester, Minnesota  
Topic: Professional Development Workshop 
Contact: Michael Wozniak 612-480-2380 

Northern New England Chapter —  May 16, 1997
East Concord, New Hampshire  
Topic: Improving Management Skills For Planners 
Contact: Roger L. Houston 603-594-3360

California, Northern Section — May 9, 1997
Oakland, California  
Topic: Planning Leadership Through Strategy and Management 
Contact: Wendy Cosins 510-705-8108

Midwest Regional Conference — October 2-5, 1996
Louisville, Kentucky  
Topics: Re-Inventing Planning 
The Definitive Guide to the Development Process
Contact: Wayne Bennett 502-574-8198 

Four State Regional Conference —  September 19-21, 1996 
Natchez, Mississippi
Topics: Planning Agency Evaluations 
The Definitive Guide to the Development Process
Contact: Karen B. Fernandez 504-682-6630 

Washington State APA Planning Conferenc—  October 16-18, 1995 
Bellevue, Washington
Topics: Ask “Doctor” Zucker 
Reinventing Planning 
Future of Planning 

Upper Midwest Regional APA Conference —  September 28-30, 1994 
Bettendorf, Iowa
Topic: Reinventing Planning 
Contact: Laurence Gerchens 

California State APA Conference —  October 3-6, 1993
Modesto, California  
Topic: Red Tape: Poor Business Climate 
Contact: John Wilbanks 209-544-1794 

Tennessee Chapter APA  — February 19-20, 1993
Henry Hunter State Park, Tennessee
Topic: Planning Commission Workshop Reinventing Planning 
Contact: Jim Moody 615-929-9171 

California 1992 State APA Conference —  November 7, 1992
Pasadena, California
Topic: Reinventing Planning 
Contact: Mark Persico 818-580-2090 

Utah APA —  March 20, 1992 
Salt Lake City, Utah
Topics: Customer Service
Planning Office Administration
Contact: Stephanie Harpst 801-535-7115 

California State APA Conference —  October 21, 1991 
Sacramento, California
Topic: Tricks of the Trade Using Numbers 
Contact: Steven Patek 916-373-5854

California Chapter, APA —  September 20, 1991
Carlsbad, California  
Topic: How to Handle Increased Workloads with Less Resources 
Contact: Skye Flemming 619-549-3581

Colorado APA Chapter  — June 20, 1989
Durango, Colorado  
Topic: Managing Yourself and Your Organization 
Contact: Leslie Klusmire 303-945-2575

Northern New England Chapter  — May 12, 1989 
Bedford, New Hampshire
Topic: Management Ideas for Planners 
Contact: Bernie Johnson 802-828-3326

Pennsylvania Chapter, Management Workshop —  October 3-4, 1988
College Park, Pennsylvania  
Topic: Kaizen for Planners 
Contact: Ted Dorand 215-865-070

  Florida APA Conference —  November 4-6, 1987 
Hollywood, Florida
Topic: Motivation Tools for Planners Office Management 
Contact: Chris Cutro 305-921-3477 

California Chapter American Planning Association —  August 19-21, 1987
San Diego, California  
Topic: Motivating Planners 
Contact: Dawn M. Suitts 619-741-4671 

California/Nevada Bi-State Conference —  October 11, 1985
Lake Tahoe, California  
Topics: Professional Development
The Modern Manager 
Contact: Kathryn Tobias 916-927-5795

Broward County Section  — October 4, 1985
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  
Topic: Management Workshop 
Contact: Donald L. Kowell 305-357-6600 

Alaska Planning Association and Alaska Recreation and Park Association Conference —  September 7, 1985
Homer, Alaska  
Topic: Change 
Contact: Marlene Helminika 907-235-8121 

Orlando Metro Section —  June 26, 1985
Orlando, Florida  
Topic: Management Workshop for Planners 
Contact: R. Wayne Bennett 305-849-2258 

Oregon Chapter Spring Conference  — March 14, 1985 
Portland, Oregon
Topic: Zucker on Management 
Contact: Bill Grile 503-396-3121 ext. 208 

Florida Planning Conference —  October 3, 1984 
Tampa, Florida
Topic: Management Methods for Planners 
Contact: Ronald N. Short 813-272-5940

Washington Chapter Joint Spring Planning Conference —  May 23, 1984
Pasco, Washington  
Topic: Managing the Planning Office 
Contact: Max Bigsby 509-545-3441

Kansas Chapter Conference  — April 12, 1984
Kansas City, Missouri  
Topic: Management Seminar 
Contact: George Garcia 913-381-5252 

Los Angeles and Inland Empire Section —  March 2, 1984
Cal Poly, Pomona, California  
Topic: Management Workshop 
Contact: Jill Sterrett 818-791-7682 

Arizona Chapter Professional Development Committee —  November 4, 1983 
Phoenix, Arizona
Topic: The Management Idea Book 
Contact: Peter G. Atonna 602-262-6881

California Central Coast Section  — May 21, 1983
Santa Barbara, California  
Topic: Planning Management Made Easy 
Contact: Diane Guzman 805-963-7135