April – Find Your Ukulele Moment – Re-Visited

Four years ago, I wrote the attached article about your reaching out to new things in your life.

Click here to read the original article and the responses from some of our readers.

I just returned from the APA conference in Phoenix which brought this all back to me.

First of all, I used this story as part of the session called Fast and Furious. Seven of us were each given no more than 7 minutes to tell our story. I decided to tell the ukulele moment story and had 200 planners singing with me to the song, Greasy Grit Gravy. It took a bit of encouragement but was good to see that even planners can find their ukulele moment of singing.

I used these two pictures of a ukulele student who encouraged me.


Myra telling me to prove I could teach her in 5 minutes.


Myra with her ukulele.

And, for you adventurous types, here is the chorus for Greasy Grit Gravy (look it up on the Internet).

greasy grit greasy grit

Secondly, I was handed my own ukulele moment at the convention. APA had asked me to perform at the conference on my ukulele. They gave me two choices; the main stage or a 30-person coffee house to the side. I said there was no way I could entertain 3,000 drinking and talking planners on the main stage, but I would do the coffee house. When I got to the reception, the organizer met me and said the coffee house idea didn’t work and I would need to play on the main stage or I could decide not to play at all. I had already lugged my ukulele along for the day, so why not. The person before me playing a guitar had an assistant playing the bongos. I managed to get him to join me for some added noise. We did it and I hope the six of the 3,000 planners who actually heard us enjoyed it – just another ukulele moment.

the Management Doctor