April’s Cartoon

It’s Time To Vote – 

Here are our 6 favorite captions for April’s Cartoon Caption Contest. Now it is your turn to vote for the caption that you like best. Just send us an email with A, B, C, D, E, or F. We will announce the winning caption next week.

Just email your caption by April 25, 2018 to office@zuckersystems.com

A. Their only comment was to buy better cookies for the next public meeting.
David Neal

B. Waiving that pointer will not make our desks magically appear.
Doug Stacks

C. Apparently, Bob was late to the Planning Director’s preaching to the choir.
Erik M. Lundy

D. Never one to miss a beat, Planning Commission Chair Harriet finds that playing musical chairs with applicants is an enjoyable and effective tool for deciding the order in which projects will move forward through the review process.
Kathleen J. Kline-Hudson

E. Madam Mayor failed to get City Staff to sing to the same tune, leaving the Manager performing a solo act.
George Curtis

F. The Mayor waived her magic wand and suddenly the room emptied. The City Manager was compelled to remain, frozen and alone.
Jim Campbell

And here are the rest of the captions for your reading enjoyment!
the Management Doctor

I take it that it was a no on your suggestion to sing Kumbaya to start the staff meeting.
Bruce McClendon

It’s official. You’ve been elected “CHAIR” man.
Doug Stacks

With one waive of her evil wand, the developer made all public hearing opposition disappear.
Alice, by telling you I wanted you to conduct this meeting, I don’t think you understood what I meant.
Paul Culter

Mary’s attempt to “conduct” a Planning Board meeting didn’t go over well.
Steven Magoon

I told you, John, musical chairs would not be a good ice-breaker with this crowd.
Sabrina Charney Hull

Only one citizen sang the praises of the new affordable housing project!
Martin J Connor

If you need help from the Planning Department, ‘Expecto Plannorum!’ is probably not the best way to ask for it.
Marc S. Mylott

Doris, I told you that 374 PowerPoint slides was too much!
James J. Plonczynski

Is there anybody else who wants a smack across the knuckles for a late report?
Patrick J. Alford

I know the powers of the planning wand are new to you, Ms. Granger, but you should not have placed a disappearing spell on everyone in the audience who objected to the staff report recommendation.
Patrice Theken