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A Bias For Action – October 2004

A Department Chief Makes An Example Of Himself – September 2000

A Saner Workplace – June 2009

Age Discrimination – 50 and Counting

The Age of Speed – November 2007

AICP Exams

AICP Values

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Alternative Development Review Processes – October 2010

Alternative Work Schedules

Annual Retreats – October 1998

Annual Work Program

Answer the &!%$# Phone – November 2017

Answers In Search Of Questions – July 2009

Application Completeness

Appointing & Evaluating Planning Directors

A Process Run Amok

A Recent Voice Mail Transaction Went Like This…

Are You Committing Leadership Malpractice?

Artificial Intelligence – April 2018

Assessment Centers

Assisted Living Facility


Bad Bad Boss

Bad Boss

Bad Boss – February 2007

Bad Bosses – You? – July 2004

Be A Social Worker – October 1999

Be Careful With Your Values – September 2002

Before I Was The Director And After I Am The Director – May 2005

Best Practices – March 2016

Best Practices Comparisons for Development Process- April 2011

Bikini Car Wash – No Ordinance

Billable Hours

Body Language – November 2016

Book Recommendations

Boring Meetings for the New Year- January 2008

Boss Behaviors That Drive Your Team Bonkers – August 2016

The Boss Is Late For Meetings – January 2003

The Brain Chemistry Of The Human Moment – January 1999

Brain Rules – August 2009

Budget Challenged

Built Out Cities

Burn Out

Burn Out – March 2005


Can We Talk? – March 1998

Can’t Hire

CDBG Administrative Costs

Check in with your Staff – December 2013

Check Your Skills for the New Year – December 2007

Checklists – March 2010

Checklist For Turning Mission Statements Into Reality – November 1998

The Chicken and The Egg – Who Speaks First?

Citizen Surveys

Cleese Calls – July 1998

Code Enforcement

Common Courtesy and Service

Community Participation

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan On The Web

Computer Password

Conference Software

Conflict In The Workplace

Confused on Branding

Contract Planning

Contracting Out The Permit Process

Cooks Make Tastier Food When They Can See Their Customers – November 2014

Counter Operations


Criticizing Staff

Culture – April 2014

Customer Feedback Forms

Customer Service Issues In The Permit Process – September 2004

Customer Surveys


Database Software

Dead-People Working Syndrome – April 2008

Decade In Management Ideas – January 2010

Deja Vu – All Over Again! – September 2009

Delegate – Delegate – Delegate – August 2017

Deliver The Goods

Department Consolidations

Department Fee Presentation

Derailed Managers – July 2003

Design Challenged

The Development And Permitting Process – August 2004

Development Process Issues – May 2009

Development Process Reviews

Development Review Committees

Differentiating Between Leadership And Management – September 1999

Difficult People

Digital @ Scale – December 2017

Disaster Thoughts – September 2005

Disband Planning Department – Again! – June 2011

Disrupt Yourself – August 2012

Don’t Bother Wowing Your Customers – April 2012

Don’t Get Ready; Get Started – December 2015

Don’t Send Your Ducks To Eagle School – June 2008

Drucker On Education – June 2000

Drucker’s New Paradigms – December 1998

Dumb Invoice

Dumb Org Staff

Dumb Organizational Stuff – September 2014

Dumbest Local Government



Economic Development

Educating Planners – July 2014

Elected Officials On The Planning Commission

Electronic Signage (LED) Issue

Employee Complaints – December 2001

Employee Discontent – August 2008

Employee Evaluations; June Science – December 2016

Employee Evaluation Systems

Employee Surveys

Employee Wages, Step and Grade

Enchantment – February 2012

Entitlement Process

Errors and Omission Insurance

Etiquette With Office Gadgets – March 1999

Excited Young Planning Director

Executive vs. Legislative Leadership – June 2006

Exempt – Overtime Pay

Extra Edge Needed


Fees For Third Plan Check

Finding And Keeping Good Employees – February 2000

Find Your Ukulele Moment – August 2011

Find Your Ukulele Moment – April 2016

Fire The C Team – June 2013


Flattening The Organization

Flex Time

For Generations Xers, What Counts Isn’t All Work Or All Play – August 1998

Form Based Codes

Four Rules for Best Bosses – July 2016

Four Types of Bad Bosses That Make Employees Want To Quit – March 2018

Fun Meetings

Fun Retreats

Future MBA


The Generation 2001 Workforce – April 1999

Get Bossy – June 2012

Get Off Your Duff – April 2007

Getting More With Less – August 2005

Getting Your Department From Good To Great – May 2002

GIS Organization

Good Bad and Ugly – May 2014

Good Permitting Procedure



Happy Holidays from Zucker Systems – 2014

Help Desk IT Platforms

Help Your Team Voice Their Concerns – January 2015

Hiring The Wrong Person – October 2005

HMO’s Can Do It; So Can You – April 2017

Holiday Homes

Holiday Schedules

Home Of The Whopper

How An Employee Feels About the Boss – February 1999

How Are You Doing Finding Your Ukulele Moment? – February 2018

How Do Workers Get Ahead? – October 2012

How Good Is Your Workplace? – June 2001

How Government Clients Drive Consultants (Me) Crazy! – December 2008

How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results With Ordinary People – July 2001

How to Best Use An Assistant Director

How To Connect With Customers And Colleagues – April 2005

How to Energize Low-Energy Employees or Help Employees Find Purpose – September 2016

How To P*** Off Customers

How To Say “Sorry” – July 2008

HR Allegations

HR Departments – August 2006

Human Resources/Training/Management-History – May 2000


I Need Your Help

I Want To Be A Planner

I’d Like to be a Consultant

Ideas – Ideas – Ideas – November 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss – April 2000

I’m a Good Boss. So Why Do I Sometimes Act Like a Bad One? – January 2014

I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal – June 2015

Imaginary Work

Impact Fees For Planning

Incivility – July 2005

Incomplete Applications – November 2003


The Indispensable Person

The Influentials – June 2003

Internal Newsletter

Interpreting A Zoning Ordinance

Investing In Relationships – September 2001

Is Anyone Home?

IT Guys

It Takes Too Long to Get a Building Permit – October 2014

It’s Always Darkest Before the Sun Comes Up

It’s Called Work for a Reason – March 2008


Jack Welch’s Six Rules – September 1998

Jagged Resume – May 2012

Job Security

Joint City-County Planning Departments


Knowing Right From Wrong – August 2003


Layoffs – April 2009

Leadership – May 2008

Learning To Lead – April 2006

Let’s Laugh – March 2009

Levels of Service

Liability Insurance

Lighten Up – March 2011

Listening – May 2003

Lists and Jobs

Long Range Planning Performance Standards


Make Recognizing Employees Part Of Your Daily Routine – January 2005

Make Three Copies

Making Changes For The Better

Making Decisions – February 2005

Management & Leadership

Management Doctor Needs Your Help

Management Meetings

Manager or Leader? – June 2005

Managers MUST Manage – November 2004

Manager’s Role Is Tough One To Play – August 1999

Manager’s Training Manual

Manager Evaluations

Managing Non-Planners

Managing The Twenty-First Century – December 2000

Managing With Chaos – October 2001

Managers – You are Doing The Wrong Things! – November 2013

Managers Without MBA Degrees

The Mars Pathfinder – May 1998

Master’s Degree

Master Of Planning Degrees

Mavericks At Work – September 2008

Measuring Workload

Meetings – February 2017

Merger Opportunity

Messy Desk – August 2007

Metrics For Zoning Administration

The Millennial Generation – December 2010

Mission Statement


More Good Bad and Ugly – June 2014

More On Fees

More On Missions – October 2000

Moving to an Electronic Review Process

Motivating in Non-Motivating Times – October 2009


Motivation – February 2003

MPA’s For Planning Directors

Multiple Permits – Multiple Jurisdictions – August 2002

My Boss Says So

Mystery Shoppers Provide Feedback – June 1998


Negotiations & Project Work Programming

New Planning Director

New Planning Director – 2016

No Thinking On The Job Please!

No Ordinance – Bikini Car Wash

Non-exempt – Overtime Pay


Odds & Ends

Office Ethics – June 1999

One Piece of Paper – March 2012

On-Line Credit Cards

Ordinance Sunset Clauses

Organizational Alternatives

Organizational Audits

Organizational DNA – January 2006

Organizational Structure

Orientation Process

Outcome Measures

Outdoor Vending

Overpaid Do-Nothings

Overtime Pay

Overwhelmed And Understaffed


Paperless Office For Development Review – July 2011

Paperless Office Issues

Performance Measures

Performance Standards

Performance Standards

Performance Standards

Performance Standards for Development Review – September 2003

Permit Centers

Permit Fees

Permit Process

Permit Software

Permit Systems – The Dilemma – December 2003

Personal Hygiene

Photosynthesis For Planners – November 2002

Plan Check Software

Plan Check Software – January 2011

Plan Review Software

Plans May Not Work but Planning Does – February 2011

Planners Per Population

Planner To Population Ratio

Planners At Council Meetings

Planners With Guns

Planning by Color

Planning Commissions

Planning Commission’s Boring TV Show – November 2008

Planning Commission/Staff Conflicts

Planning Department Accreditation

Planning Departments Are Non-Essential

Planning Director Contracts

Planning Fees

Planning In Spain and E-Courses

Planning Office of the Future – February 2014

Planning Staff per Thousand Population

Planning Titles

Please Shut Up – The Idiot-Proof Coaching Tool for Mangers – October 2011

Political Issue

Political Signs

Politics – December 2002

Poor Resume Skills

Pre-Application Meetings

Prepare For The Upturn – May 2010

The Private Sector Can Be Dumb Also

Privatization – December 2011

Probation Employees

Problem Employee


Productivity And Pride – January 2002

Professional “Dead-Zone”

Project Management

Promotions/Career Tracks

Promotion Issue

Public Records Systems

Public Works Departments

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – October 2008

Put Your Resolution Where Your Mouth Is – October 2003


Rationale For Zoning

Read – Read – Read – February 2009

Reading Circle – March 2003

Recording Equipment

Records Management

Regressive Tax

Reinvent Yourself Daily – March 2000

Relax in 2017; Embrace the Mess – January 2017

Residency Requirements

Resign or Fire

Rethink What You Want To Do vs. What You Should Do – May 2017

Revenues and the General Fund

RFP Bugaboo – June 2017

RFQ Templates


Sample Shoppers – Secret Shoppers – Mystery Shoppers


Scorecards or Dashboards

Screw Ups – September 2007

Selling Planning

Sensitivity to Diversity

Severance Packages

Share Your Computer Password and Get Out of Jail Free – Not

Short Takes – July 2013

Shut Up – February 2016

Signs of Greatness and the Best Place to Work – July 2017

Signs Signs Everywhere

Single Point of Contact

Soft Skills – July 2007


Something Old, Something New – May 2011

Speaking Time At Planning Commission


Stacking The Deck

Staff Meetings – One More Time! – January 2013

Staff Report

Staff Reports for Planning Commission Work Sessions

Staff Turnover

Staff Versus Line Functions

Staffing Analysis

Staffing Levels

Standards For Promotion

Start A Mandatory Reading Club – July 2000

Statistics – Are You Prepared to Manage Generation Y? – January 2007

Staying Positive – April 2013

Steve Jobs and You – January 2012

Storytelling – June 2004

Strategic Planning for Planning Commisions

Sweat The Small Stuff – November 2005

Sweat the Small Stuff – May 2016

Switch, How To Change Things When Change Is Hard – July 2010

SWOT Analysis


Take This Job…and give me more of it – October 2006

Take this Job and… City Clerk Resigns

Taking a Class With Drucker – November 2009

Technology – Don’t Expect It To Solve All Your Problems – October 2015

Technology for Sharing Ideas and Best Practices

The Telephone Runaround

Ten Things Your Manager Wants You To Know – January 2004

Terminating Employees

Thank You – September 2017

They Want To Talk Only To Me

Think Before Promoting – April 2003

Time Management Revisited – November 2015

Tips For The Day – November 2006

Tips From Recent Readings – December2006

Tips To Avoid Playing Telephone Tag – April 1998

The Top 14 Mistakes Managers Make – February 2008

Those Crazy Economic Development Guys!

Those IT Guys

Three Phrases Killing Innovation at your Workplace – January 2018

Toxic Employee

TPM Timelines

Tracking Planner Time

Tracking Time

Trading Places – August 2010

Training Challenged

Training Programs

Training Programs – August 2001

Training Update – July 1999


Trends For Planning Management

Turnover – June 2002

Type “A” Bosses

Type A Managers for the New Year? – January 2016


Ukulele Moment – February 2018

University of North Carolina Study

Unpredictable Times – April 2010

Up Date Your RFP Process – November 2012

Urban Planner Becomes Billionaire

Using Numbers (one more time) – August 2014

Utility Standby Charges




Video For Planning Boards


Waiving Fees

Walking On Eggshells

Wanted: Management Skills – December 2004

Ways That Managers Can Help Workers – Or Hinder Them – January 2001

We or I?

Web Portal

Website Signs


Websites Revisited

What Age Are You In – September 2010

What Are You Reading? – April 2002

What I Learned From Bob – May 2006

What Is A Manager?

What You Can Learn About Your Mission – March 2013

What Your Planning Professors Forgot To Tell You About Sanitaria

What’s A County Planning Board?

What’s In Your Closet – September 2015

When Is Fast Too Fast?

When Not To Write A Report – November 2005

When To Promote?

Where Have All The Planners Gone?

While Customers Wait, Add Value – November 2001

Who Asked For Your Opinion Anyway?

Who Can You Trust? – March 2014

Who Do You Think You Are?

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work – July 2015

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? – October 2002

Why You Need To Fail – December 2009

Why We Can’t – December 2014

Will You Be My Friend? – February 2013

Wisdom Of Jack Welch – March 2002

Wisdom of the Ages – March 2007

Wizard And Warrior – September 2006

Workforce Plan

Workforce Planning

Workload Documentation

Workplace Of The Future – July 2002

Wrong Number


You Forgot To Dot The “i”

Your Boss Asked You to do What?

Your Nation’s Capital and the Management Doctor Need Your Help

Your Next Step – Make Yourself Indispensable! – November 2011