August – Delegate – Delegate – Delegate

A recent Harvard Business Review article got me to thinking again about delegation.* In prior articles and my books I have talked about two key delegation issues:

  1. Operations
    Many managers get so bogged down in operations (things you could delegate) that their management tasks are left undone.
  2. Empowerment
    Employees today want to be empowered and the key to motivating most employees is based on empowerment.
  1. Busy, Busy
    In my consulting practice, I am continually amazed how difficult it is to schedule meetings with the managers in organizations we are reviewing. Many are totally bogged down. It is not unusual that I will need to schedule a meeting two or three weeks out. This is a sign of poor delegation and possibly micro-management.

With a rare exception, the article suggests that everything that can be delegated should be. A nice little check list of six T’s is included to help you with your delegation.

TINY: These are small inconsequential items but they add up – delegate.

TEDIOUS: Relatively simple items but not a good use of your time – delegate.

TIME-CONSUMING: These may be important tasks but let others do the heavy lifting and you step in when needed – delegate.

TEACHABLE: Teaching is a big part of your job anyway so – delegate.

TERRIBLE AT: These items are not your strengths and someone else will be better anyway; another empowerment opportunity – delegate.

TIME SENSITIVE: Don’t let your schedule miss the time sensitive items, they can be – delegated.

So here is a test. Next time someone important wants a meeting with you – how about later today or first thing in the morning?

The Management Doctor

*How to Decide Which Tasks to Delegate, by Jenny Blake, July 2017.