Bad Bad Boss

I have been waiting for more Dumb Stories. Maybe this one will inspire the rest of you.

The Management Doctor

Here is my new boss’ approach to relationships with colleagues.

  1. Have the Right Mind-Set
    Tell staff their work is laughable, garbage, incompetent and unacceptable. Get up and leave one-on-one check-in meetings when you are through. Leave your subordinate sitting there knowing every move they make is a lose-lose situation.
  2. Ask the Right Question
    When asked a question to establish your preferred direction, policy choice, etc., refuse to answer or, when pressed, reply that the subordinate is a “professional” and should know the answer. That I, the boss, will recognize good work when I see it and return garbage when it shows up.
  3. Demonstrate Your Professionalism
    Bump up assignments by 45 days so that the original agreed-upon deadline is now two weeks overdue! That will really show the staff who is boss. And, caring: sit on vacation requests for 4+ weeks, even when the 4-day vacation request is submitted 8 weeks before the event. You have been told the event is a major family wedding across the country and requires detailed coordination with extended family members. No work-related events are scheduled remotely close to this activity. When you grant the request, comment “Go ahead and try to get cheap seats now.”


Looking for the Exit