Cartoon Caption Contests

Cartoon Contest

May’s Top Captions

How can I help you? We have information on Facts and Alternative Facts.
Sarosh Saher

Tell me what you want to know, and I’ll tell you what you want to hear!
George Curtis

The sign on my desk speaks for itself. I don’t know anything.
Mac Birch

So that’s what a Google looks like!
Sid Fox

I wish I could have been more helpful, but this is my first day on the job.
Bruce McClendon

The company information booth just went paperless.
James J. Plonczynski

April’s Top Captions

Unless anyone has any other business to discuss, we will adjourn for a 30-minute cat nap.
Patrice Theken

I really do want your honest opinion of my proposal – but not another comment about it being PURRRFECT or the CATS’ MEOW!
Ed Shambra

All in favor of cooling it with the animal cartoons raise your paws.
Charlie Bryant

Well since the city has gone to the dogs, it’s time the cats took over the planning!
Joanne C. Poret

I’ve called you here today to determine how we can “Make America all CAT again!”
Burk Renner

I commend you Felix, for defending our traditional non-gender specific cat box in the lobby.
Tom Manolis