Cartoon Caption Contests

Cartoon Contest

May’s Top Captions


It looks like he’s zoned out.
Bruce McClendon

Playing dead won’t get you out of the Planning Commission meeting.
Brian Duvalle

And here we find the Planning Director during his daily executive time.
Stuart Baker

He said we were working him to death, but no one believed him.
M. Gentry

Looks like Zucker’s ‘Info of the Month’ put him to sleep again.
Peter Buchwald

Tom, we all agree that this new land development ordinance will be the death of us, but get a grip. The public hearing starts in 10 minutes.
Ed Shambra

April’s Top Captions


Their only comment was to buy better cookies for the next public meeting.
David Neal

Madam Mayor failed to get City Staff to sing to the same tune, leaving the Manager performing a solo act.
George Curtis

The Mayor waived her magic wand and suddenly the room emptied. The City Manager was compelled to remain, frozen and alone.
Jim Campbell

Apparently, Bob was late to the Planning Director’s preaching to the choir.
Erik M. Lundy

Never one to miss a beat, Planning Commission Chair Harriet finds that playing musical chairs with applicants is an enjoyable and effective tool for deciding the order in which projects will move forward through the review process.
Kathleen J. Kline-Hudson

Waiving that pointer will not make our desks magically appear.
Doug Stacks