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March’s Cartoon

It’s Time To Vote –

Here are our 6 favorite captions. Now you get to vote for the one that you like best. Just send us an email with A, B, C, D, E, or F. We will announce the winning caption next week. Good luck!

Just email your caption by March 23, 2018 to

A. This is not exactly the retirement ceremony I was expecting.
Bruce McClendon

B. Planning staff was quite pleased with their new “Ask the Director” mobile app.
Dan Pava

C. Pleeease!!! I can’t handle another public meeting on this watered-down zoning ordinance! Take me back to my office!
Joan Holliday

D. For years the planners figuratively claimed to have carried the weight of their director on their backs, but this time, they literally proved their point.
Dan Matthys

E. I know that I got all of you raises, but you don’t have to get carried away!!
Jim Plonczynski

F. Don’t you think we are carrying this office reorganization a little too far?
Doug Stacks

And here are the other captions that were submitted.

Thank you,
the Management Doctor

Let’s not get carried away here…stand-up desks are simply not in the budget!
Kevin Waller

I am happy that you all are receptive to my desire to be elevated to the position of Chairman – but seriously, this is not what I was expecting!
Ed Shambra

When the staff told the Planning Board chairman my project might be a tough lift, he replied, “Challenge accepted!”
Stuart G. Baker

February’s Top Captions

I crown, thee, Sir Zoning Lands-a-Lot.
Dean J. Grandin, Jr.

Do you now swear by all that you hold sacred, true, and holy that you will honor, defend, and impartially administer the Town Zoning Codes?
Stuart Baker

The high Lord Planner bestowed the honor of the AICP upon the senior planner.
Keith Marvin

For your years of service, countless night meetings facing the rabble, and NIMBYs. I hereby dub you Retired!
Jim Plonczynski

After years of petitioning, the Mayor finally got his wish of a becoming a strong mayor form of government.
Dan Matthys

Many found Mayor Arthur’s swearing in ceremony for his “Knights of the Planning Commission” to be a little over the top.
Tracy S. Dunnavant