Cartoon Caption Contests

Cartoon Contest

November’s Top Captions

First developer to the end of the hall and back get his plans approved.
B. R. White

HR has a novel way of selecting our new Planning Director. Whoever gets to the Mayor first wins!
Charlie Bryant

The new state law on maximum permitted processing times is really going to be hard to meet.
Bruce McClendon

Well, I must say, this is an interesting way to solicit proposals from planning consultants!
Dean J Grandin

Man, this active shooter training is intense!
Doug Stacks

I was ok with the heath initiative in concept, but replacing coffee break with PT is going too far.
Jeffery B. Ray

October’s Top Captions

I know you’re stretched to your limits, Jenkins, but you have to deal with all these scattered complaints.
James J. Plonczynski

Well Bob it appears you are now an official member of the thrown under the bus club!
Jim Pechous

I think you misunderstood the consultant’s recommendation to flatten our organization.
Mac Birch

I know you’re stretched thin, but the Mayor has asked us to review his friends project and put it on the fast track!
Jim Strozier

I know you said the interpretation of the zoning was a stretch, but I think you have taken it a bit too far.
Steven Magoon

I see you had your meeting with the development team for the proposed steamroller factory. Didn’t I tell you they were flatterers?
Stuart G. Baker