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Cartoon Contest

September’s Top Captions


I guess it’s better than when that elephant was in the room.
Patrice Carson

I used to carry a bird on my shoulder too, but look what it did to my suit.
Tom Rogers

Marge, isn’t it nice that the Planning Director finally has a friend.
Bob Paulsen

If I would have known that they came as a team, I never would have hired the Duck!
James J. Plonczynski

Hello, Mr. Davis. You’ll find the Conservation Commission meeting in the Council Conference Room.
Stuart G. Baker

She’s so arrogant. You would think she’s the first bird that ever had a human being for an administrative assistant.
Bruce McClendon

August’s Top Captions

It wasn’t easy to get outfits in all of the zoning map overlay designs for the public hearing, but we did it!
Steve Magoon

The form asked for applicants in triplicate.
David Neal

I’m applying for my coastal permit; this is my architect, my lawyer and my banker. My permit expediter is off talking to Commissioners.
Jack Liebster

I’m sorry Bill, but I am afraid the budget just can’t support your position. We have hired Sally, Steve, and Ed here to replace you.
Jonathan Lappin

Didn’t you get the memo?
Linda Jackson

Here in the town of lily white, our diversity is in our wardrobe and I am glad to see you read the memo. Tomorrow you can wear tweed.
Jim Campbell