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Organizations tend to beat up staff with silly rules or procedures. Email us your examples to paul@zuckersystems.com and we’ll put them here. Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

Your Boss Asked You to Do What?
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Take this job and…

Take this job and… City clerk resigns in scathing letter

This is amusing. Read the article at CBS News by clicking here.

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Reader Responses

This was funny ~ bet she never thought her letter would hit the national news. Wonder what her new employer thinks of their “new hire” in DC!

Connie B. Cooper, FAICP


Barbara Holly, AICP

Your Boss Asked You To Do What?

by Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder Writer

  • To be prepared to delete all emails and computer files at a moment’s notice.
  • To be a surrogate mother for her — more than once.
  • To spy on senior management.
  • To buy a rifle for him, and he would reimburse the employee.
  • If she knew of anyone who could “hook him up” with illegal substances.
  • To go online and post false good comments about him.
  • To come up with a science-fair project for her daughter.
  • To fire his (the boss’s) brother.
  • To lend him $400 for a down payment on a car.
  • To remove her stitches.
  • To be better friends with him.
  • To scour an abandoned office building for furniture and supplies they could use.
  • To bail another co-worker out of jail.
  • To clip her dog’s nails.
  • To help plan her wedding.