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December – Why We Can’t

I have been fighting back problems which have landed me in a wheelchair. I went to see a back surgeon, and when I checked in I was asked to fill out a four-page questionnaire. Part of the questionnaire is below, and you can see it has been reproduced so many times that many of the words are unreadable.

I decided to have some fun with the receptionist and talked to her about the form. She said it was a problem and they have been looking all over for the original. This was a major hospital and it is hard to believe they couldn’t find someone to re-type the form. I even, jokingly, said my office manager could do it in an hour.

How many Why We Can’t do you have in your own organization or can remember from your career? Or maybe even you were the Why We Can’t person.

I have written 6 books and have been thinking it is time to do another. Bingo; I finally found the topic. Now I need your help. I would like to collect at least 100 Why We Can’t. Send me yours and we will give you credit in the book or keep them confidential if they will embarrass you or your bosses. HELP – HELP – HELP – you can do it.

the Management Doctor



Happy Holidays from Zucker Systems