Focus Groups


ZUCKER SYSTEMS has developed a new technique that uses focus groups to reform the Planning, Development and Building permit processes as well as related functions of engineering, transportation, housing, redevelopment, health and fire. Each focus group normally lasts two hours and consists of eight customers. The focus groups are run by Paul C. Zucker, FAICP, a seasoned community development specialist as well as a focus group specialist.

The groups are conducted behind closed doors on a completely confidential bases. No staff members are present. In typical cities or counties the focus groups produce 50 or 60 recommendations for immediate action. We have completed 285 focus groups.

There is no easier, quicker and less expensive way to rapidly obtain input from your customers. This program has turned negative and difficult programs to a positive basis in a relatively short time span. Studies show that only 4% of your customers with problems complain to you – the other 96% tell 9 or 10 people about their dissatisfactions, including your elected officials. There are many reasons why your customers may not complain to you. However, they will complain to us. Our techniques tap into all the complaints and turn them into positive action.

Cost is normally $1,000 to $2,000 per focus group plus expenses. Normally 3 to 5 focus groups are used per community.

Click here to see a sample focus group report.