Customer Surveys

An objective way to determine how well you are doing with your customers is through a survey. We’ll work with you to tailor and modify proven surveys we’ve developed and used elsewhere. Surveys will be emailed or mailed directly to our office to assure confidentiality with your customers. We’ll tally the results and give you our suggestions for improvement. Surveys always produce some negative comments. However, since we have completed so many surveys of County Development functions, we are in a position to calibrate the results and focus on key areas.

Cost $2,000 per division or department, i.e., Planning Development Permits, Building Permits, Engineering, etc. You handle the email lists or reproduction and mailing, we do the rest.

Our Internet-based surveys use Survey Monkey. You furnish the emails addresses, we design and analyze the survey.

Return rates on surveys vary from 15% to 25% of those surveyed.