December 2013 – Check In With Your Staff

Looking forward to the New Year would be a good time to check in with your staff. Have them complete this confidential survey, courtesy of Harvard Business Review, December 2013. Have them score “10” for a high yes and “1” for a low no. Additional comments are welcome. (Click here for a printable pdf version.)

  1. My manager delivers difficult feedback constructively.
  2. My manager gives me actionable feedback that helps me improve my performance.
  3. My manager does not micromanage (get involved in details that should be handled at other levels).
  4. My manager regularly shares relevant information from his/her manager and senior leadership.
  5. My manager helps me understand how my work impacts the organization.
  6. My manager has the technical expertise required to effectively manage me.
  7. My manager talks about all aspects of career development – not just promotions.
  8. My manager has had a meaningful discussion with me about my career development in the past six months.
  9. My manager has a clear vision and strategy for the team.
  10. What would you recommend your manager keep doing?
  11. What would you have your manager change?

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year,

The Management Doctor

Reader Response

Very nice survey. Perhaps APA should use this as a evaluation tool.

Connie Cooper