December – Don’t Get Ready; Get Started

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we had our entire family and grandkids together and the conversations with the three college students was particularly enlightening. Their approach to life was “don’t get ready, get started.” This is a great message for all of us, particularly the city planners reading this. It also called to my attention a new book, The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth who says, “Stop Wishing, Start Doing, Take Command of Your Life.”

If you need a kick in the pants, read the entire book. In the meantime a few of his thoughts that I really liked include:

  • There is a big difference between trying to do something and actually doing They’re two totally different actions.
  • Almost without exception, people who have done great things have also experienced great failures – and in many cases, getting fired or a similar devastating failure turned out to be a gift that allowed them to ultimately find great success. (Very familiar in my life)
  • If you are mindful about what you have done, failure is a teacher.
  • On the list of words to be used as little as possible is the phrase “I have to.” The true situation is usually best described instead by “I want to.”
  • Interpersonal communication is critical so, speak for yourself. Say “I know,” “I think,” “My reaction is,” not “Everyone knows,” “We all feel.”

Have a great holiday,

the Management Doctor