February – Meetings

The start of the year is a good time to re-visit the topic of meetings. Here are pages and cartoons from my book Mis-Management. Cartoonist, Dean Vietor, and I wrote this book in an attempt to take on Dilbert.  It has been self-published and is a great read. You can find it at our website’s publication page at http://zuckersystems.com/products-page/books/

His meeting followed the agenda.
Bruce Duncan

Well, I’ve heard of the 800 pound gorilla and the elephant in the room, but you?
I don’t know what your’re supposed to be.

Natasha Longpine

Why do they go through the same old song and dance at every one of these hearings?
Chuck Kleeberg

Walter, I appreciate the preparation you go through for our weekly meetings.
I think I would appreciate it more, though, if you could relax a bit – or actually bring in the cameras.

Kathy James

The Planning Director was not kidding when she said this was going to be a long meeting.
Ned Thomas

Who called this meeting?
Douglas M. Greene

Ted was surprised to learn that hell was just one long meeting.
Ned Thomas