Holiday Homes

Dear Management Doctor:

I met you 2 years ago in Boston at the planning conference and I am on your circulation list.

I would like to know whether you have any information as to how holiday homes are managed in tourist zones of town planning schemes.

My problem is that if you allow subdivision to create lots – how is it ensured that the land will be used for holiday homes and not become part of the housing stock as permanent uses such as residential. I am trying to get an idea how tourist towns work in the US. I am doing planning in a tourist town in Australia where land is now in private ownership, all policy indicates that tourism should remain but the landowner of the holiday homes zone tries to subdivide the land in 600m2 lots and I am sure they will become permanent residential and not holiday homes. It appears that subdivision should not be allowed.

Any advice or referral would be appreciated.

Johan Gildenhuys

Dear Johan,

Your question is a bit out of my area of expertise but I will pass it along to my emailers and see if they have some thoughts for you.

I do know that some communities require these homes be registered and include an annual fee or license or even a fee on rentals. I know this was an issue in Maui when I did some organizational work for them a few years ago so you may want to give the Planning Department a call.

I hope we can help you with this.

The Management Doctor

P.S. The Management Doctor would like to come to Australia to do some management seminars. Maybe you can give the word to your professional organization.