Home Of The Whopper

“I have an MBA from MIT…Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

And now for the winners among this year’s crop of tall tales and stretched resumes collected by Jude Werra, president of Werra & Associates, Brookfield, WI executive search firm whose annual Liar’s Index salutes people who embellish their educational backgrounds.

The Defensive Liar
One candidate misrepresented a short course in senior management at MIT as an executive MBA degree from the institution. Assuming the degree was completed on a weekend class schedule similar to other executive MBA programs, Werra asked the candidate how he managed the commute from his home in the Midwest. The candidate told him he was being “too picky.”

The Pathetic Liar
Another candidate claimed both undergraduate and MBA degrees, but the university in question had no record of his attendance. He initially expressed disbelief and indignation over the discrepancy, insisting that the alumni office would hear from him. After finally admitting he lied on his resume, the man requested that the firm not write to his home address because he dreaded his wife finding out.

The Invisible Liar
Werra’s pick for the most outrageous lie goes to the candidate who claimed to have been living under an assumed name within the witness protection program. For his safety, his alma mater could not verify his degree. The man instead offered a private, non-university phone number at which the person who answered the phone would vouch that the candidate had a college degree.