January’s Cartoon

It’s Time To Vote – 

Here are our 6 favorite captions for the January cartoon contest. It is now your turn to vote for the one that you like best. Just send us an email with A, B, C, D, E, or F. We will announce the winning caption next week. Good luck!

Just email your vote by January 24, 2018 to office@zuckersystems.com

A. I am no longer interested in a buck, I don’t pay attention unless it’s a tenner!
James J. Plonczynski

B. Signs of early retirement.
Jim Campbell

C. The Planning Director compensated for insecurity about his small stature by having a large sign directing people to the city manager’s office.
Dan Gibson

D. The front counter staff approved their own sign permit with great pleasure.
David Neal

E. The Building Official once again passing the buck to the City Planner.
Martin J Connor

F. Passing “the Buck” was the first step in the development review appeals process.
Dan Pava

And here are the rest of the captions for your reading enjoyment!
the Management Doctor

The Mayor got tired of the buck stopping with him, so he directed everyone to the Mayor pro Tem.
Scott Murphy

George was known for passing the buck.
Patrice Theken

New employee, Mr. Stops-Here, sets up his desk wrong.
Don Roe

Would anyone else like to step forward to voice opposition to this proposal?
Dean J. Grandin

Santa’s chief elf was apparently oblivious to the BOLO that was put out on Rudolph after Christmas.
Kevin Buchheit

The wildlife museum curator compensated for insecurity about his small stature by having a large sign pointing to the stuffed deer display.
Dan Gibson

The new way-finding signs seem to embrace the concept of transparency.
They really are embracing “government transparency” here!
Laura Boyce

The “Buck” stops at the 5th desk down!!!
Terri L. Rozzana

The Planner posted a sign cleverly implying he was passing
the buck in support of the Director, who’s office was next door on the right,
instilled in his Staff the motto of “The Buck Stops Here.”
Dan Matthys

Our local planning office has formalized a process for “Passing the Buck.” Please follow the signs.
Doug Demosi

Bob celebrated his own way on the eve of his retirement.
Brian Duvalle