July – 4 Rules for Best Bosses*

  1. Each Specific Person
    Each employee has different interests, abilities, goals, styles, and personalities. Learn to manage to each. Don’t manage just to teams; find everyone’s individual strengths and interests.
  2. Meaning
    Don’t skip on that old mission word. Articulate a clear purpose and vision. Build your culture through symbols, rituals, stories, and organizational events.
  3. Feedback
    I am reading more and more stories about companies abandoning the annual employee evaluation system along with the rating systems. (See my ABZs book for more on this). But companies are not abandoning evaluations, they just do them three or four times a year with clear, honest, and constructive feedback.
  4. Listen
    Don’t just talk, listen. In an evaluation session you should do less than half the talking. The same is true for staff meetings. These meetings are notorious for the manager talking for 55 minutes and then in the last 5 minutes asking everyone for their great ideas. By then everyone just wants to get out of the meeting. Ask more questions to enlist solutions and ideas.

*Abstracted and edited from Harvard Business Review, Management Tips