March’s Top Cartoon Captions

Caption58I’ve reduced our budget analysis to three post-it notes – “Haha”, “No”, and “Try again next year”.
Donald Brush

Wow I’m all caught up and my desk is clean. Hell has frozen over and the Cubs are going to win the world series.
John A Johnson

Failing to see a computer directly on his desk, the newly hired planning director was forced to play solitaire the old fashion way.
Dan Matthys

I am having a drawing with the highest card to determine which of the three of you will be laid off.
Brent Muchow

Norman, ever proud of his accomplishments, displayed every development he had ever approved with a dot on his jacket.
Sarosh Saher

Jane, I have been twiddling my thumbs since applications went online, is this their way of making me feel useless?
Sabrina D. Charney Hull