November – Body-Language

You can smile, smile, smile, all day long, but if you can’t deliver the goods, it won’t be good customer service and won’t satisfy the customer. However; having said that, smiling and good body language can still be useful. This article is abstracted from

  1. Hunched shoulders
    Sit up straight
  2. Bowing your head
    Look them in the eye
  3. Soft, Timid Voice
    Speak up, if you have trouble with this one get some professional coaching
  4. A frightened expression
    Smiling may help you here
  5. A shifty gaze
    Look them in the eye
  6. Fidgeting
    Snap out of it, put down that pen or other crutch
  7. Playing with your hair
    Stop it, ask other staff to remind you or send a signal
  8. Adopting a defensive pose
    Don’t cross your arms, keep your hands in view while talking
  9. Weird things with your hands
    Talking with your hands is okay if it doesn’t get out of hand, and don’t point
  10. Shuffling instead of walking
    Don’t shuffle through life
  11. Smile
    Okay, I said it
  12. Appearing distracted
    Multi-tasking at the customer’s expense
  13. Slouching
    See 1 and 2 above
  14. Aggressive eye contact
    Use a series of long glances instead of intense stares, but don’t avoid looking at the customer; see 5 above
  15. Being too still
    Interact with customers; mirror customers but don’t mimic them
  16. Mismatching verbal and non-verbal
    Match your body language with what you are saying

Have some fun with this! Team up with a buddy and score each other for a few hours using this list. Laugh a bit but then try to improve. Keep this list handy as a periodic reminder or repeat with another person.

the Management Doctor