November’s Cartoon

Here are our 6 favorite captions for November’s cartoon. Now it is your turn to vote for the caption you like best. Just send us an email with A, B, C, D, E, or F. We will announce the winning caption at the end of the month. Good luck!

Just email your vote by November 28, 2017 to

A. HR has a novel way of selecting our new Planning Director. Whoever gets to the Mayor first wins!
Charlie Bryant

B. I was ok with the heath initiative in concept, but replacing coffee break with PT is going too far.
Jeffery B. Ray

C. First developer to the end of the hall and back get his plans approved.
B. R. White

D. The new state law on maximum permitted processing times is really going to be hard to meet.
Bruce McClendon

E. Well, I must say, this is an interesting way to solicit proposals from planning consultants!
Dean J Grandin

F. Man, this active shooter training is intense!
Doug Stacks

And here are the rest of the captions for your reading enjoyment.
the Management Doctor

The Code Enforcement Officer that comes back with the most illegal signs in one hour gets to keep his job. On your mark, get set…
Dan Matthys

A low-key start to regulatory reform.
Sid Fox

This is an odd way to decide who meets first with the Planning Director.
B. R. White

On your mark, get set, PLAN!
Stanley Pilant

The new HR Director’s selection process is very unique. I was wondering why the application said to bring your resume and a comfortable pair of running shoes.
Daniel Campagnolo

First one to the break room gets the last doughnut; GO!
Trevor Kesner

It’s the new Managed Competition Initiative.
Benjamin J. Jordan

The new Planning Director has taken Fast Tracking to a whole new level.
Mary T. Howard

I’m still not convinced that this is the most equitable way to fill the remaining application review spots on the Planning Commission agenda.
Stuart G. Baker

Looks Like HR has added a new twist in evaluating job candidates!
Dennis E. Bryers

Don’t you think we’d be better off with a 5 o’clock whistle?
Doug Stacks

We’re doing away with planning commission hearings for all new development proposals. The Council thinks this is a much more transparent process.
Dan Pava

There’s only a one-stall bathroom.
Jon Sevald

They all want the same thing for lunch and the chef only makes a limited amount.
James J. Plonczynski

Given recent news events, folks were a little on edge when the gun went off to start the race.
Hopefully the police department knows about the starting gun or else there will be a SWAT team response in a few minutes.
The City wanted to get on the map by hosting a real marathon, but the lack of staff resources resulted in the inaugural event being a race to the kitchen for senior citizens.
Even in their later years, the Johnson triplets remained very competitive.
Tom Rogers

Wow, those guys really are on the fast track.
I told you this place was a rat race.
Erik Zucker

It’s become much more interesting around here since Amy changed the consultant selection process.
Mac Birch

Oh dear, it’s a dash to sign up for public comment on the new zoning ordinance!
Jim Strozier

My money’s NOT on the Historic Districts Chair.
More fun than ping pong in the lounge.
When he was talking about innovation, I don’t think that’s what the boss meant about transforming insight into action.
M. Gentry