October’s Top Cartoon Captions


You see Mister Mayor, by implementing this new organizational framework, you’re not actually responsible for anything.
James Campbell

And here is the new electronic sign-off path for a final plat.
Kelly C. Dannenfelser

This is our organizational chart.  The mess starts with the guy in the middle here and it is slowly strewn over the rest of us, down here.
Eileen Hinson

Now folks no need to panic, “Corporate Organization” is just a term! It’s not meant to actually be implemented!!
Jim Plonczynski

Just keep smiling…Everyone seems to like the Mayor’s revised organizational chart that I am presenting, but there is just one problem…..I AM NOT ON IT!
Kimberly Porter

The beauty of this Org Cart is that it’s on an etch-a-sketch!
Mary Beth Humphreys