Planners With Guns

Larimer County, Colorado Commissioners are poised to adopt a policy allowing the county’s 1,400 employees to carry guns on the job! “I’m looking at it as a violence-prevention policy, not a weapons policy,” said Commissioner Glen Gibson of Loveland. “This was something that we felt was a good idea that would address violence in the workplace, so people would know violence would not be tolerated in our workplace and this would be a happy place to work.”

Larimer County officials said the new policy is an administrative matter, so the Commissioners do not plan to set aside time for public comment that might influence the policy’s final draft.

Reader Responses

I’m sorry you forwarded this news item. I’m afraid, with our Legislature in session that they will adopt it as law for the entire state!

Anonymous from Nevada

And I thought we were bad!


The Larimer County policy ended up being stricter, but still allows an employee to carry a concealed weapon with approval of the supervisor and the county board. The relevant policy language says:

“The personnel policy, unanimously approved by the three Republican commissioners, prohibits Larimer County’s 1,400 employees from carrying guns on the job.
Exceptions may be granted for workers who feel personally threatened, have concealed weapons permits or get written permission from their bosses.”

Ben Jordan