What Your Planning Professor Forgot To Tell You

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What does an urban planner need most?  A sense of humor!  Peripatetic planner Paul C. Zucker proves it in his wise and funny new book What Your Planning Professors Forgot to Tell You­ 117 Lessons Every Planner Should Know.    

Zucker knows a good story when he's lived one and he shares a career's worth in this collection.  It's a tongue-in-cheek primer on how planning really works (or doesn't).  His wry observations ring absolutely true on every page.  Practicing planners will nod in rueful agreement with lessons­ often learned the hard way­ about achieving true success in planning and in life.  And those just starting out will benefit from Zucker's insights about management, vision, career paths, and professional relationships. 

Book Information
Paul C. Zucker, 210 pp. 1999. APA Planners Press. Paperback.


Price: $26.95

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