Retreats, Seminars and Keynotes

Note: the telephone numbers were at the time of the seminar.
Many of these may have changed.


Nova Scotia Planning Director’s Association
Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 20-21, 2014
Topic: The Complete Management Course
Contact: John Woodford 12-902-883-3387

Hyde Lecture Series
School of Architecture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2012
Topic: Changing Careers
Contact: Gordon Scholz 402-472-9284

Washinbgton State, City/County Planning Directors  
Chelon, Washington, September 23, 2009

Topic: The Complete Management Short Course
Contact: Shane Hope, 425-744-6281

New Brunswick, Canada, Planning Association
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Topic: The Complete Management Course
Contact: Bill Budd, 506-856-4322

Winston-Salem City-County Planning Department
Customer Service Training, May 22, 2008
Contact: Paul Norby, Director

Hyde Lecture Series
College of Architecture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2005
Topic: What Your Planning Professors Forgot to Tell You
Contact: Gordon Scholz 402-472-9284

Washoe County
Washoe County, Nevada, 2004
Topic: Management and Customer Service Training
Contact: Adrian Freund, Community Development Director, 775-328-3606

Planning Institute of British Columbia
Annual Conference
Nanaimo, British Columbia 2000
Topic: What Your Planning Professor Forgot to Tell You
Contact: Chris Shalberg 250-755-4472

2000 California Building Officials 
Palm Springs, 2000
Topic: Surviving Managment Audits
Contact: Anthony Elmo 916-457-1103

Development Service Department 
Half Day Retreat
Bryan, Texas, October 31, 1997
Topic: Customer Service
Contact: Tom Coyle 409-361-3606

AICP Planners Training Service
Planning and Zoning Institute
New Brunswick, New Jersey, October 30, 1995
Topic: Reinventing Zoning and Planning Agencies
Contact: Reenee Kaiser 312-431-9100

California County Planning Directors 
Annual Conference
Asilomar Conference Center, California, May 25, 1995
Topic: Reinventing Planning
Contact: Ray Hall 707-463-4281

Community Development Department 
Two Day Retreat
Concord, California, May 16-17, 1995
Topic: Customer Service
Contact: Richard Crawford 510-671-3075

Kern County Management Council 
Training Seminar
Bakersfield, California, March 15, 1995
Topic: Motivation, Change, Re-Engineering
Contact: Ted James 805-861-2099

Ohio Conference of Community Development, Inc. 
Annual Meeting
Fairborn, Ohio, July 30 &31, 1994
Topic: Customers Service, Managing a Strategic 
Planning Process, Motivation for 

Department of Community Development 
Two-Day Training
Des Moines, Iowa, April 28-29, 1994
Topic: Customer Service, Organizational  Reform
Contact: Carol Hibbs 515-283-4182

Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Fall Education Conference
New York, New York, November 15, 1993
Topic: Reinventing Government: Putting  the Concept to Work.
Contact: John C. Murphy 208-857-1197

National Association of Counties 
Annual County, Community, and Economic Development
Conference and Training
Orlando, Florida, October 25, 1993
Topic: Reinventing Government
Contact: John C. Murphy 202-857-1197

Ohio County Planning Directors Association 
Annual Summer Conference
Hamilton, Ohio, June 21, 1993
Topic: Reinventing Planning
Contact: Lynne Erickson 216-297-3613

Professional Development Conference 
Pacific Southwest Regiment Council of NAHRO
Reno, Nevada, May 23, 1993
Topic: Peer Review
Contact: Karen Weitzel 805-726-3423

National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials 
Annual Bi-Chapter Conference
Monterey, California, January 30, 1993
Topic: Introduction to Organizational 
Management Review
Contact: Karen Weitzel 805-726-3423

The Law Center, University of Southern California
Regulation and Development Law Conference
Los Angeles, California, May 28, 1992
Topic: Planning in Los Angeles
Contact: George Lefcoe 213-740-0148

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission 
Training Seminar
Silver Springs, Maryland, May 13 and 15, 1992
Topic: Customer Service
Contact: Melissa C. Banoch 301-495-2500

Municipal Management Assistants of Southern California 
Growth Management Conference
Pomona, California, August 25, 1988
Topic: Keynote Address on Growth  Management
Contact: Phil Carter 619-438-1161

AICP Planners Training Service 
7th Annual Zoning Institute
San Francisco, California, November 8-10, 1987
Topic: Management Ideas for 
Contact: Frank So 312-9550-9100

San Bernadino County Land Management Department 
Staff Retreat
San Bernadino, California, October 16, 1987
Topic: Employee Development, Motivation,  Job Definition, Evaluation
Contact: Sharon Hightower 714-387-4144

National Association of Reimbursement Officers
32nd Annual NARO Conference
San Diego, California, August 9-14, 1987
Topic: Leadership and Management of Change
Contact: Morey Pion 619-565-5882

California Association of County Treasurers & Tax Collectors
Palm Desert, California, June 17-19, 1987
Topic: Main Event Management
Contact: R. Wayne Watts 714-787-2821

San Diego County Planning Directors Association
San Diego, California, June 10, 1987
Topic: The Management Idea Book
Contact: Barry Hogan 619-695-1400

Calafco Metropolitan Counties
Concord, California, May 20-22, 1987  Topic: Managing Change
Contact: Bruce Kern 415-272-6984

San Diego Planning Directors’ Association 
San Diego, California, February 13, 1987
Topic: Management and Motivational Tips for Planners
Contact: Michael J. Holzmiller 619-438-1161

Hillsborough County, City-County Planning Staff 
Tampa, Florida 1986
Topic: Motivation
Contact: Ron Short 813-272-5940

GA Technologies, Inc., Management Association 
La Jolla, California, November 19, 1986
Topic: Management Modeling Concepts
Contact: R. Roo

Florida Municipal Utilities Association 
1986 Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida, June 23-27, 1986
Topic: Model-Netics: A Management 
Contact: Charlie Shreve 904-224-3314

City of Mankato 
Department Heads Seminar 
Mankato, Minnesota, May 6, 1986
Topic: Model-Netics
Contact: Glen Gabriel 507-625-3161

LaJolla Assoc., Ltd. 
Advanced Management Seminar
San Diego, CA, Mar. 13-15, 1986
Topic: Latest Management Theories
Contact: Curt Reed 619-458-8685

Kenai Peninsula Borough 
Planning Commissioners Workshop
Soldtna, Alaska, September 9, 1985
Topic: Being A More Effective Commissioner
Contact: Steve Cevanti 907-262-4441

Kenai Peninsula Borough 
Department Heads Workshop
Soldotna, Alaska, September 9, 1985
Topic: Change/Delegation/Leadership
Contact: Steve Cevanti 907-262-4441

Fairbanks North Star Borough 
Division of Community Development Department
Staff Training
Fairbanks, Alaska, September 4-5, 1985
Topic: Management Staff Training
Contact: Dave Hedberg 907-452-4761

Holiday Inn University 
Retreat ’85 Seminar for Holiday Inn Trainers Worldwide
Olive Branch, Mississippi, August 8, 1985
Topic: Model Building Skills
Contact: Rich Zurburg 601-895-2941

City of Gainesville and Alachua County 
Joint Management Workshop
Gainesville, Florida, June 5, 1985
Topic: Change/Delegation/Leadership
Contact: Norman J. Bowman 904-374-2033

California Association of Public Purchasing Officers 
68th Annual Conference
Oakland, California, January 31, 1985
Topic: Change/Delegation/Planning
Contact: Gary R. Holm, 415-530-9660

Napa County Department Heads 
Oakville, California, January 31, 1985
Topic: Main Event Management
Contact: Albert Haberger 707-253-4421

Minneapolis Public Schools 
Leadership in Education Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 19, 1984
Topic: Change Systems: A Better Way
Contact: Judy Brown 612-627-3081

City of San Luis Obispo 
Management Team Conference
San Luis Obispo, California, October 29, 1984
Topic: Change and Motivation
Contact: Paul Lanspery 805-5490-7101

American Society for Training and Development 
1984 Region 8 Conference
San Diego, California, October 14, 1984
Topic: Main Event Management/ Model-Netics
Contact: Carlos Donatelli 619-586-7092

University of California, Cooperative Extension Agents 
Academic Leadership Development Program
La Jolla, California, September 19, 1984
Topic: Change/Motivation/Leadership
Contact: Chloe Beitler 714-683-6491

Western Planners Conference
Jackson, Wyoming, September 13, 1984
Topic: Management Skills Workshop
Contact: Thomas A. Curren 307-721-5286

Association of Energy Officials 
Los Angeles, California, June 26, 1984 and
Oakland, California, June 29, 1984
Topic: The Nuts and Bolts of Effective  Communication
Contact: Catherine Tyrrell 213-385-1000

City of Stockton
Department Heads Retreat
Tiger Creek, California, April 27, 1984
Topic: Model-Netics
Contact: John Geer 209-944-8402

Riverside County Board
Department Head Conference
Highland Springs Resort, April 20, 1984
Topic: Change/Delegation/Leadership
Contact: Gary Cottrell 714-787-2979

City of Monterey 
City Management Conference
Monterey, California, March 23, 1984
Topic: The Management Idea Book
Contact: Bill Smith 408-646-3768

Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning 
Los Angeles, California, February 1516, 1983
Topic: Overview Evaluation of the Department
Contact: Norman Murdock 213-974-6401

American Institute of Certified Planners 
Management Skills for Planners
Planners Training Service
San Diego, California, January 14, 1983,
New Orleans, Louisiana, February 18, 1983,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 18, 1983, and
Denver, Colorado, October 18-19, 1983
Topic: Managing Yourself and Your 
Contact: Frank So 312-955-9100

University of Southern California Law Center 
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Conference
Los Angeles, California, February 12, 1983
Topic: San Diego County Efforts to Make  Better Use of R-I Lands
Contact: George Lefcoe 213-743-6500