Staffing Analysis

Dear Management Doctor,

I took your Planning Management course in late 2016 and had a question about staffing analysis. Do you have any resources that may help me in understand when and why to conduct one? We are going through a number of changes here.

Thanks so much!


Dear ****,

Not knowing your specific situation, I took your name off of this response.

I see staffing analysis suggested when:

  1. The community is in a budget crunch and wants to cut back.
  2. It’s a normal part of the annual budget process.
  3. Elected officials want to spend less on planning.
  4. Elected officials want more or faster planning projects that may require more staff.
  5. It’s a normal part of an organizational analysis.
  6. Setting fees.
  7. A planning director wants to determine how best to spend resources.

Any of the above could be a good reason to conduct a staffing analysis. All organizations should wish to be effective and efficient. Be aware that staffing analysis can be difficult. See a discussion in my ABZs of Planning Management book and various articles you will see on our website search engine, particularly “staffing levels.” Click here for that article.

Feel free to call me at 619-804-1769 if you would like to discuss this or more information.

The Management Doctor