The ABZs of Planning Management

The ABZs of Planning Management is a comprehensive 321 page book on managing planning and county development functions.

 Dozens of Ideas You Can Use Today Include:

  • Fostering Change
  • Designing The New Organization
  • Handling Politics
  • What If You Become Unemployed
  • That Mission Thing
  • Selecting, Delegating, Motivating, Evaluating
  • Defining The Customer
  • Power Through Systems
  • Forms, Manuals, Handbooks
  • Streamlining The Permit Process
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Time Management For Planners
  • Focus Groups, Peer Review, Surveys
  • That Telephone

 What Readers Say…………………..

“Paul Zucker’s The ABZs of Management is the best book about managing a planning agency that is available today.”
Frank S. So, AICP Executive Director, American Planning Association, Chicago, IL.

“I would recommend its reading to every planning professional.”
Gary J. Schoennauer, Former Director of Planning, City of San Jose, California; 1997 APA National Distinguished Service Award recipient.

“After being a fan of your publications for many years, it was like a “Zucker’s Greatest Hits” edition. As usual, you are able to synthesize complex management theories and concepts into a few practical bullet points and humorous graphics.”
Bob Brown, Community Development Director, City of Milpitas, CA.

“A lively mosaic of actions, reactions, trajectories and insights to reduce managerial anxieties and move you from A to Z.”
Joseph M. Kourakis, Acting Department Head, California Polytechnic State University, City and Regional Planning Department.

“It will be a valuable reference for those of us involved in managing land use planning organizations.”
John B. Hester, Director, Washoe County Department of Community Development, Reno, NV.

“Paul Zucker has the rare ability, among all of us in the planning profession, to put management principles and practices into helpful vignettes and sound bites.”
Melanie Fallon, Community Development Director, City of Huntington Beach, California

“This book is a primer to all planners whether they be in administration, management or on the front lines with citizens. It’s a great textbook and should be required reading for the AICP exam.
Robert B. Hunter, AICP, Executive Director, The Planning Commission, Tampa, FL.


When I became San Francisco’s Director of City Planning, I didn’t know very much about management and that was probably just as well, I might have been scared off the job. But, having taken the job, it would have been nice to have a source of ideas and knowledge that might be applicable to the kinds of issues that are a constant part of a city planning office. That, I think, is the most worthy role of this book: it’s a single source of ideas, methods, and tools that can help planning offices be better and to facilitate internal and external change, as needed.

This book is about management, and is full of practical ideas and not-so-common sense gained from years of experience and of thinking and studying the subject.

I first met Paul Zucker in the 1960s when he was Marin County’s (California) Planning Director, fighting on behalf of environmental issues much before others joined the fray. He has had a long and varied career since, so, he knows of what he writes and almost all of what he writes reads right to this observer.

By Allan B. Jacobs

Allan B. Jacobs is a Professor of City Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been Chair of that Department, twice, and is the author of several books including Making City Planning Work and Great Streets. He consults widely, most notably for the City of Curitiba, Brazil.