You Forgot to Dot the “i”

We recently received the following from a 50,000 population city finance department.

Dear Vendor:

The enclosed invoice is being returned because no Purchase Order reference appears on the invoice; therefore, it lacks City authorization for the ordering of, receipt of and payment for the merchandise/service.

In a nutshell, the City Purchasing Policy is “No Purchase Order – No Payment.” If a Purchase Order has been issued, and the vendor instructions have been followed as printed on the Purchase Order, the City will make payment against the invoice in a timely manner under the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order. However, if a City employee does not complete the Purchase Order process when placing an order, that order lacks necessary approvals, and our Accounts Payable team cannot make payment for any goods or services unless they have the proper signature authority on a City Purchase Order form.

We ask that you settle this transaction directly with the person who placed the order.

In terms of customer service, isn’t this a great tone to use with your customer? Wouldn’t it save paper and time if finance merely called the city employee?

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