Your Boss Asked You To Do What?

by Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder Writer

  • To be prepared to delete all emails and computer files at a moment’s notice.
  • To be a surrogate mother for her — more than once.
  • To spy on senior management.
  • To buy a rifle for him, and he would reimburse the employee.
  • If she knew of anyone who could “hook him up” with illegal substances.
  • To go online and post false good comments about him.
  • To come up with a science-fair project for her daughter.
  • To fire his (the boss’s) brother.
  • To lend him $400 for a down payment on a car.
  • To remove her stitches.
  • To be better friends with him.
  • To scour an abandoned office building for furniture and supplies they could use.
  • To bail another co-worker out of jail.
  • To clip her dog’s nails.
  • To help plan her wedding.