Book Recommendations

Dear Management Doctor:

I'm Myron Belej, an urban planner from Edmonton, Canada. I manage I enjoy your Management Doctor emails and want to say thanks for all your hard work.

I've read three of your latest book recommendations and I have been very impressed with all of them! (Mavericks at Work / How to be a Star at Work / Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault)

Do you happen to have a larger list of top planning- related book recommendations? My existing collection is posted here (, but I'm always open to suggestions.

Thanks again!

Myron Belej, City Planner
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Myron,

Good to hear from you. Attached are the books I am recommending for my current Complete Management Course for Planning Directors. I also suggest the January 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review. I count 11 great articles.

For our emailers, I also suggest you check out Myron's website.

The Management Doctor

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