Comprehensive Plan on the Web

Dear Management Doctor:
Instead of publishing our plan in typical paper fashion, we chose to create a state of the art web site. You can find it at then go to quick links and comprehensive plan. It certainly is a very different approach to publishing a plan, but one that we think works quite well. If you get time, we would like to know your assessment of its content and functionality. So far our customers have been very pleased with the simplicity of the site, as well as its depth of technical information, particularly the ability to view and print a number of important maps. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brant Gaul, Planner III
City of Lenexa, Kansas

Dear Brant:

Nice job. I'm convinced the web is the key to improving communication with our customers and reducing costs. Some of your detailed maps are dynamite. I do have a few suggestions as follows:

1. You say go to "quick links and comprehensive plan." Instead I went to "Vision 2020" which is evidentially something else. Why not replace the "Vision 2020" listing with "Comprehensive Plan"?
2. Although having the Plan on the web is essential, I also suggest you have a printed copy available because:

  • Some citizens don't have Internet access.
  • At times, hard copy is actually easier to use than the web.

3. I found it hard to see the overall theme of the Plan, i.e., the big ideas. Can they be pulled out and made easier to find?

Keep up the good work.-very impressive.

The Management Doctor