Development Process Reviews

Dear Management Doctor:

Our city has begun a staff-based review of our development permit processes. Are there any cities that have recently published analyses of their development review processes with recommendations for improvement?

Thanks for your help.

Steve Rikala
City of West Sacramento, CA

Dear Steve,

Zucker Systems has reviewed the development process for over 90 cities and counties. Two of these studies for San Jose, California and Pierce County, Washington can be accessed on our website. Virtually all of our studies are public record but we don’t release them. We have no objection to our clients releasing them. The link below shows our studies and you may want to contact some of these communities directly. Occasionally they place the studies on their websites. A few other consultants are also conducting similar studies. APA Magazine had a recent article on a study conducted for Vancouver, Washington. Other communities that may have conducted studies include Tempe, Arizona and Tiburon, California. Perhaps our readers can suggest others.

I compliment your staff on conducting a review of your processes. Occasionally, a city that is doing their own internal review will ask me to come in for two or three days to review what they are doing and offer additional suggestions.

Good luck with your review,

Click here to view our list of studies.

The Management Doctor