Department Fee Presentation

Dear Management Doctor:

Every year we attempt to display our department fees in a way that makes sense to both staff and clients. Since we collect fees for other departments, it becomes more complex. Does anyone have an example of a fairly complex fee schedule that is published in an understandable format?

K. Murry
County of San Luis Obispo, CA

Dear K. Murry,

I don't, but hope our readers will. You also might want to consider, if you need to, displaying everyone's data or simply showing the total fee that is required.

The Management Doctor

Reader Responses

This may be an oversimplification of the problem, but it seems if the fee schedule is so complex that both the public AND STAFF have difficulty understanding it, then it's not a matter of using a better format, but a matter of using a different methodolgy for collecting revenue.

Morgan Tracy, AICP
City of Tigard, OR

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