Fun Meetings

Dear Management Doctor:

Any ideas about how to keep a professional meeting fun without distracting from the important topics at hand?

We organize meetings of professionals from across the country for the purpose of validating an IT application and the output (reports). These meetings frequently last a full week. They are important but sometimes monotonous. Do you know of any games or team-building exercises that could be used after the team returns from a break or starts the day that would help make the meeting fun and get the group working and talking together?

Kathryn Bohacek
America's Job Bank Service Center

Dear Kathryn,

A full week – WOW? That is a real task. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Periodically change the seating arrangements. Move people around, meet outside, etc.
  2. There are lots of publications with games. Try McGraw-Hill, Inc. Games Trainers Play, More Games Trainers Play, Still More Games Trainers Play, Even More Games Trainers Play.
  3. Mix in a few short films. I particularly like some of the Video Arts films, some of which feature the actor and comedian, John Cleese. Phone: 1-800-861-4246.
  4. Ask each person to reveal a brief secret about themselves that the rest of the group probably doesn’t know.
  5. Cut a one-inch pvc pipe down the middle and then into eight-inch lengths. Give each person a piece of pipe and form into two or more groups. The contest is to see how fast the marble can be moved from one end of the group and back without dropping the marble on the floor. If it drops, they have to start over.
  6. I hope our readers will add to the list.

Good luck!

The Management Doctor

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