Dear Management Doctor:

I'm a planner in Lapeer, MI (pop. 9702). I am working on a development review procedures handbook that would outline the processes involved in various types of development activities: rezoning, special use, site plan review, subdivision, cluster housing, PUD, etc - trying to synthesize the confusing array of information found in various ordinances & whatnot into something easier to digest and follow. Do you know of any cities that have done this that I might us as an example?

Cliff Jackman

Dear Cliff,

Check out Chapter 20 in "The ABZs of Planning Management". If you don't have it, you can order it on our website. Most Planning Departments do a terrible job on this. But in my travels I've run across several good one. Contact Douglas County, Colorado or Henderson, Nevada.

The Management Doctor

Reader Responses

Here in Bryan, Texas, we have a "Developers Guide", which does exactly what Mr. Jackman has asked about. We printed it in a tri-folder/brochure format, but it is also available on our website.

Hope this helps.
Joey Dunn
Aurora, Colorado has a "popularized" version of their development procedures that is useful.

Chris Duerksen
Hillsborough County Florida has the Development Review Procedures Manual that does just that. You can see/print it at hillsboroughcounty.org

Susan Adams
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