Planning in Spain and E-Courses

Dear Management Doctor:

Its always a pleasure to receive your monthly newsletters. I was wondering, since there are opportunities in the Urban Planning world overseas, what are the top urban planning firms in Spain? Also, are there E-courses or curriculums available for courses in Urban Planning?

Richard Lavin

Dear Richard,

I don't know anything about planning firms in Spain but hope some of our readers do.

E-courses for Urban Planning are just getting going. I hope our readers can give us a few. APA has a number of courses like this. The most extensive list I know of is Ohio State University. Check it out at

The Management Doctor

Reader Responses

Ed Ziegler, law professor at Denver University, has done some consulting in Spain. Your reader might contact him.

Best Regards,

Chris Duerksen
Clarion Associates

Readers interested in overseas planning jobs might want to get hold of my book International Job Finder: Where the Jobs are Worldwide (Planning/Communications, 2002, free updates, ISBN: 1-884587-10-0; $19.95 in bookstores) which provides details on over 1,200 online and print sources of jobs throughout the world and by country. Full details and the free update sheet are available at I understand that the book has become pretty much a standard source and continues as one's best selling career books.

Daniel Lauber
River Forest, IL

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