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Dear Management Doctor:

I have just moved to Madrid, Spain where I am legally allowed to work. The educational background of city planners in Spain are architects with Masters in Planning or those who have learned on the job. I have a BS in City and Regional Planning from California, am perfectly bilingual in Spanish, with seven years of experience including three years as a Senior Planner working for a municipality in California. What approach would you advise me to take? Should I enroll in a Masters in Planning program or should I start looking for employment and see where it takes me? Are there any international Urban Planning organizations that you know of that can be of assistance?

Gracias and greetings from the Iberian Peninsula,

Helen Ramirez

Dear Helen:

I don't believe your lack of a Masters in Planning will be any detriment to your advancement and employment. A BS in Planning and your Spanish should provide you with many job opportunities.

However, having said that, I would recommend that you pursue a Master's Degree. Education should be a lifetime experience. Depending on your career direction, you should decide what kind of degree would serve you best. For example, in addition to a Masters in Planning you could consider public administration, business, architecture, resource management and a variety of others.

I hope some of our readers will also share their experiences.

Keep studying,

The Management Doctor

Reader Response

Good news, I have been offered employment with one of the top Urban Planning Firms in Spain and have accepted the position. I will be working on a General Plan for a mid-sized municipality in northern Spain.

I am also looking into Executive MBA programs. The top programs are accredited in the United States and Europe and the others are only accredited in Europe. When considering international programs, how important is it to attend a program that is accredited by the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)?

Thanks in advance,
Helen Ramirez

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