Managers Without MBA Degrees

Dear Management Doctor:
I have recently graduated with the equivalent of two master's degrees, however neither of my advanced degrees are in the MBA categories. I chose to take an entry level position because it was a prestigious company, and the compensation better than most. However I am beginning to realize that I many never be considered for a management position as a result. I am wondering what I could learn, do, or say, that might create a more likely chance to be recognized. Is there some literature you might recommend I read to groom myself for a more appropriate position in my company?

Management Ingenue

Dear Management Ingenue:

Have heart. In many organizations, managers do not have MBAs. They are good at doing something, are promoted to supervisors, do that well, and then are appointed to management. Consider supplementing your education with various short courses on management, and read, read, read. I suggest two or three management books a year and several periodicals. My favorites include Harvard Business Review, Business Week, and Training Magazine. In today's fast paced and changing world, continuing education is a must. You may even want to add an MBA at some point. But remember the key to good management is not your degree, but what you prove on the job. One of my favorite cartoons is of a drunk sitting at the bar who says, " I can lick any MBA in the house." So can you, keep at it.

The Management Doctor

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