Mission Statement

Dear Management Doctor:

I wanted to let you know that when I heard you speak at South Padre Island a couple of months ago you mentioned something about vision statements and mission statements that really rang a bell. You went to your main topic quickly but...when you mentioned that maybe the mission statement should come from the leader and not from a committee I completely agreed. When I got my new job as fire chief I interviewed each member of our department, and talked with members of our community. When I felt I had enough information down I set about the task of forming a vision and mission statement. I feel that most of those that I have seen are way too long and hard to follow if you are not able to remember what they say or mean so....I wrote them myself and then again I went to all of the members and asked for buy-in to who I think we are and what I think our mission is . I had excellent buy-in and we have adopted them as our very own. I know that is not how it is usually done but I think that one of the reasons I was hired was to give the department vision, and guide us in our mission.

Ralph Hendricks
Greenville, Texas Fire Department

Dear Ralph:

Right on - keep up the good work!

The Management Doctor

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