Performance Standards

Dear Management Doctor:

I have a question with regard to Performance Standards. Are there any standards that you would recommend other than deadlines for application review?


Dear Beckie,

Here are a number of other standards that I have used or seen used as related to the development process:

  • Plan Completeness
    This is a check at plan submittal to see if the submittal meets a pre-set checklist. Only complete plans are accepted.
  • Complete First Check
    The idea here is that the first plan check should be complete and new items should not be added at subsequent checks unless the plan changes. This is measured by analyzing staff comments on second or third checks to see if they are doing complete first checks.
  • Action by Planning Commission or Elected Officials
    The issue here is how in sync is the staff, planning commission, and elected officials. What percent of staff recommendations are approved or overturned? How effective is the staff in selling staff positions to the policy makers.
  • Building Permits
    Did the plans as submitted meet the conditions that were applied in the planning process?
  • Subdivision Construction Drawings
    Did the construction plans and final maps carry out all the conditions that were applied in the planning process?
  • Certificate of Compliance
    Did the completed constructions, landscape, and grading meet the intent of the conditions that were applied the planning process?
  • Three-Year Survey
    How do the neighbors or the community feel about the project three years after it was completed? Did the mitigation suggested work? Were problems created that you didn't anticipate? Were all the conditions really needed?

The planning process and plans require a different set of performance standards. They would be too numerous to list here. A good General Plan or Comprehensive Plan should include many of these standards and measures could be developed to measure them. Also look at the various measures being used in sustainability analysis, global warming, green buildings, new urbanism, form based codes, environmental protection, and historic preservation.

Thanks for your question, it was a great one.

The Management Doctor

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