Recording Equipment

Dear Management Doctor:

I need to find some recording equipment for our public meetings. It has to be portable and high quality, enough so that we can make transcripts that a judge would like in any of two or three venues. Any suggestions?

Lee Nellis, AICP
Willston, VT

Dear Lee,

I was always able to make acceptable transcripts off of simple old tape recording equipment. Maybe one of our readers will have something new to offer.

Good listening,

The Management Doctor

Reader Responses

We just installed a state-of-the-art sound recording system in our new City Hall council chambers. Linda Hascup, the City of Coronado City Clerk, 619-522- 7320, may have information on vendors that design and install these systems.

John C. Swanson
City of Coronado, CA

Your reader may wish to investigate recording equipment that will allow digital WAV files to be created so that the recorded hearing can be stored electronically and emailed. I assume that printed transcripts either verbatim or summary could then be prepared by listening to this type of recording same as for an audio cassette tape, but the equipment would be smaller, more portable and higher quality, and the recording would not degrade over time. I don't have any other specific information on this type of capability, but I'm sure your IT manager would.

Darren V. Gerard, AICP
Maricopa County, AZ

Our computer department has set up a recording system where our meetings are recorded onto our County computer system. We then can access the recording via a software program, and can develop our minutes and findings for each case and meeting. We used to use tape, but storage became a problem. We have found that this is a very reliable way to get our meetings recorded.

Leon K. Jensen
Canyon County, ID

Just budget enough money to do the job well. It's usually not the recording equipment that's a problem. For another $30, run two of them! It's the microphones! We had three women on the city council in one city that I was working with and even with my hearing aid, I could barely hear them. People sitting near me were constantly asking, "What did she say?" And my answer usually was, "go buy your own hearing aid!" If the acoustics are bad in the room to begin with, a lot of older people will start complaining because their hearing aids can't compensate for the echo. Anyway, you may want to give these ideas some consideration. Good luck!

King Leonard
KPL Associates

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