Terminating Employees

Dear Management Doctor:

Your concepts on bloodless termination are very interesting to me. Is this a philosophy of your own, or is it part of the latest thinking and literature in dealing with employee performance and related issues? Do you know of other sources that embrace this philosophy, or where I can get further information on this approach?

Thank you for any assistance,
Mike Walker

Dear Mike:

The concept of bloodless termination was created by Harold Hook as part of a management course called Model-Netics. It is a three step process designed to either result in improvement or the employee terminating themselves. Step one is to AGREE on the problem. Step two is to AGREE on the solution. And step three is to AGREE on the consequences of not meeting the solution or a corrective program. Ideally all three agreements are arrived at the outset. The agreement may take some time but how many people do you know who have improved when they don't feel they have a problem. In my experience, many managers are reluctant to deal with problem employees. This is a disservice to both the organization and the employee. As an interesting aside, Hugh Boyle, president of the San Diego Teachers Assn said, "For every three years you let in incompetent employee function, it will take you one year to get rid of him."

The Management Doctor

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