Training Challenged

Dear Management Doctor: 

I sent one of my staff to your training seminar right before leaving my position in Wyoming and he had such great things to say about it that I plan to go after I settle into my new position as Planning and Zoning Director in Texas. My problem though is finding some training resources for my new staff planner who knows everything GIS and understands current zoning regulatory issues but has no understanding or perspective on long-range planning and issues for a small city (32,000). Any advice?

Training Challenged

Dear Training Challenged,

That's a great question and a real challenge. I see many planners with master's degrees in planning who also don't know how to do long-range planning. You might do best to put on your own course, but let's see if our readers can be of help. A few minor suggestions:

The Management Doctor

Reader Response

Here's an online resource from the Community & Rural Development Initiative (a joint project of Cornell and Penn State) that might be helpful:

Also, the Planners Press carries the Small Town Planning Handbook by John Keller, Mark Lapping and Tom Daniels. Apparently a new edition is being prepared with Jim Segedy, long-time chair of APA's Small Town & Rural Planning Division, as one of the authors.

Nancy Brown

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