Type "A" Bosses

Dear Management Doctor: 

My planning superior and co-worker is a "Type A" personality.  To him, everything is important and needed immediately.  I'm continually pulled off my work for something he needs - now.  How can I get him to prioritize his work and keep from getting a heart attack?   

Frustrated in California    

Dear Frustrated: 

This is a tough one to answer without knowing more about your work situation and both of your personalities. From a customer service or political perspective, it may at times be necessary to have things done NOW.  If this is the case, it's simply part of the job.  Assuming, that this is not the case, try to have a candid discussion with your supervisor.  Explain the situation, making it clear that from your perspective (so as not to ruffle his feathers), his style impacts your productivity.  If you feel he won't listen to you - try to include a sympathetic third party in the discussion.  Another idea is to prioritize all of your projects and then ask him to review the list.  This may help him see that you are already booked solid.  Finally, buy him a copy of the book, "ZAPP," by William C. Byham and Jeff Cox. 

Let me know if any of this works. 

The Management Doctor

P.S. - Other readers, what would you do? 

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