University of North Carolina Study

Dear Management Doctor:

I am interested in learning more about the UNC findings concerning the three best communities. Can you provide any additional information?

Keith Cannady
City of Hampton

Dear Keith,

This study was conducted by the School of Government, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was dated June 2008. It is an interesting 98-page report. Although I obtained a copy, I am not at liberty to release it

The three communities suggested as the best were:

  • Henderson, Nevada
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • San Diego, California
According to the University's website, the report will be released soon. Its publication code is 2008/17. Look for it on their website at

I don't know anything about Tallahasse. I am not certain I would have put San Diego in the top three, but they do do some interesting things . I think Henderson is great.

The Management Doctor

Reader Response

The UNC study of "best development review practices" around the country featured those three communities as having outstanding programs in that area. A group of planners from around NC visited each of the communities to get firsthand information on how they do what they do. Here is the URL from the UNC School of Government on the upcoming publication of the report. it.A/id.1529/.f?sc=7&category=28.

You can call them at 919-966-5381 for more information.


Dick Hails
Greensboro, NC

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